Academic Office

We are a learning design hub; we basically serve MUSE Group as well as a wide range of corporate clients; we help them choose the right learning solutions for their learners, and innovatively design and develop learning tools. Through our rich variety of distinguished subject matter experts in not only K-12 and higher education but also in  professional development, all the group subsidiaries are tremendously supported with cutting- edge research tools and theories.

We create, design, and develop learning solutions and materials that engage people and stir them to learn. Our passion for learning and instructional design puts our office in position to lead, as opposed to follow. We are scalable to help organizations truly develop learning and drive business success. We can support our clients to design the learning architecture required to realize their vision.

Under the umbrella of MUSE Education and Research, the academic office is intended to seamlessly integrate with all other business entities. The academic office is capable of helping organizations move learning to the heart of business strategy and deliver dramatically challenging results.