Malaysianeur, the hub where only successful and bright students and graduates meet, is one of a kind idea-incubator and project-accelerator. Established in Malaysia, the land of successful investments, Malaysianeur tends to enable entrepreneurs to grow their projects and develop their ideas.
Our mentorship-driven accelerator provides entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art work space, facilities and tools to establish a successful startup. With our highly qualified advisors and experts, best-selected teams are pushed ahead towards fruitful debates to help their business dreams come true.

At Malaysianeur, we are found to help entrepreneurs shape their future, grow their wealth, and start up the next generation of innovative corporates.
Malaysianeur Sponsored Projects (MSP) help overcome unemployment and mismatched occupations; we encourage more graduates to be more entrepreneurial. We save no effort to let them gain more experience that enable them to be more innovative and productive.

We plan to qualify Malaysian startups and small organizations to compete in highly challenging global market place. We add Job opportunities to the market beyond the sizeable number of employers. We institutionalize entrepreneurs’ efforts and develop profitable business model for entrepreneurs’ ideas. We fund researches, development, operational and marketing activities of the projects until they achieve anticipated growth.